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Bus & Coach Cleaning

Bus and Coach Cleaning from PCV Cleaning ServicesPCV Cleaning Service's core business is bus and coach cleaning for the Transport Industry. We provide shunting, refuelling and cleaning of buses and coaches to a number of companies who provide scheduled routes or private hire.

PCV Cleaning Services carry out regular spot checks to ensure that our clients' needs are being met. We are continuosly striving to improve standards to ensure customer satisfaction. 

PCV Cleaning Services:

use safe cleaning techniques with manual and mechanical cleaning equipment as required by COSHH
ensure that all vehicles are fuelled and that engine oil levels are checked every evening 
keep records of the amount of fuel and oil issued on each bus.
Keep your work area clean and any spillages are cleaned in accordance with your company's Health and Safety Policy
will wash the exterior of all buses using equipment provided on site and also sweep and mop the interior as per your requirements.
will maintain accurate records and documents as per your company requirents and procedures

undertake daily checks on the usage of equipment

check and report damages and irregularities
maintains a clean safe environment, ensuring adherence to the client's standards of cleanliness, hygienne and infection control and environmental protection 

Shunting of Buses from PCV Cleaning Services

PCV Cleaning Services has reliable, trained personnel to shunt, oil and fuel buses, be it night or day to ensure that the bus is in the right place and is ready to start its journey. Our personnel are experienced in shunting buses in various depots and park vehicles according to instructions and garage plan.  We hold full comprehensive Public Liability Insurance so that our clients can have peace of mind and know that due care and attention is being given to their assets.

Graffiti Removal
Vandalism in form of graffiti is a major problem and the cost of removing them can be enormous and very time consuming. However, at PCV Cleaning Services, we have a team of trained professionals for the removal of graffiti on different type of surfaces including on buses and coaches.

PCV Cleaning Services use specialised cleaning equipment to shampoo and wash the exterior. Our operatives are highly skilled in the use of specialised chemicals and machinery as we understand the dangers of cross contamination. This ensures that you receive high quality cleaning in vehicles within garage premises and run-in areas.

Motor Mechanics
PCV Cleaning Services provide mechanics for all your vehicle maintenance requirements from cars to buses and coaches.

For all your Bus and Coach Cleaning needs and Shunting, Graffiti Removal and Motor Mechanic needs, contact PCV Cleaning Services.

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